Electroless Nickel

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Established in 2014, Sky SurfaceTreatment Co.,Ltd

Specialists in the surface treatment of magnesium alloy

Our company could process electroless nickel plating on Magnesium alloy, electroless silver plating on Magnesium alloy and chemical oxidation ,etc .

In recent years, We had successfully developed a new electroless nickel plating on magnesium alloy process technology , The nickel plating technology could ensure the salt spray, binding force , meanwhile, the rate of yield also can reach more than 95%  .

SKY surface treatment company is  also one of the most eco-friendly nickel plating company in china, We currently serve the electronic, semiconductor, medical, and connector sectors as well as many areas of commercial, military, and aerospace manufacturing.



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A business culture devoted to the highest ethical conduct standards for performance and accountability.