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Electroless nickel plating on AZ31

AZ31B  is a common commercial magnesium alloy, it  has good mechanical properties ,widely used in electronic communications, transportation



The difficulties of electroplating and electroless plating on magnesium alloy

At present, the surface corrosion prevention technology of magnesium alloy in industrial production generally has the following four methods  or their combination.

1.Chemical conversion coating

2.Organic high polymer coating


4.Electroplating and electroless plating


Magnesium alloy surface protection solutions

the surface treatment of magnesium alloy include electroplating nickel, electroless  nickel plating, micro-arc oxidation, anodic oxidation etc.


Electroless nickel plating is a good protection method for dissolvable magnesium

Magnesium alloy  is an ideal dissolvable material with high specific strength, low density, fast dissolution  and excellent casting performance.


Magnesium alloy and magnesium corrosion protection method

Electroplating or electroless plating is a  Magnesium and Mg alloys surface treatment method to obtain superior corrosion resistance and electrical, electromagnetic and decorative properties at the same time.


Surface treatment of Magnesium alloy and magnesium

Electroless nickel plating on Magnesium alloy

Mg alloy products  with electroless nickel plating have high performance and high added value, it is especially suitable for aerospace, military and communication equipment


Electroless nickel specialist of Magnesium

Electroless nickel plating on magnesium alloy die casting part (AZ91)

Electroless nicke on magnesium alloy extruded part (AZ31)

Electroless nickeon magnesium alloy on pure magnesium 


Electroless nickel on Magnesium alloy of rugged military Laptop shell

Electroless nickel is the most widely used form of electroless plating. It offers unique deposit properties including uniformity of deposit properties within deep recesses, bores, and blind holes.

At the same time,It provides unique physical characteristics including excellent corrosion, wear and abrasion resistance, ductility, lubricity, solderability, electrical properties, and hardness.


Surface treatment of dissolvable Magnesium aluminum metal material

Electroless Nickel plating on dissolvable Magnesium aluminum bridge plug could avoid the dissolvable bridge plug to react with the external liquid before fracturing, decrease the abrasion during the delivery period, maintain the functional integrity, and reduce the frictional resistance between the bridge plug and the well wall.