The type of magnesium allou we have capability to plate:

Pure magnesium, AZ91D、AZ31B、AM50,AM60,MB8、MB15、LZ91(Magnesium lithium alloy), M1A , etc.

The feature:

The uniformity of electroless nickel plating is excellent, The layer thickness could be made according to customer needs

It can pass 96 hours salt spray test

the adhesion is pretty good,Baking 60 min inhigh temperature  220℃(No bubbles)

The rate of yield  could get more than 95%

Specification numbers for electroless nickel plating


AMS 2404, HP4-10




Industry application:

Automotive industry, Military industry , Aerospace industry, Electronic industry, ect

If you have more other requirements. We can make it according to your request.

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